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Voluntary Labour Corps
Author: Paulina Bogdanska
Developing CMS in companies undergoing restructuring in Portugal
Author: Marjo Halmiala
The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic
Author: Jana Kvapilová
The Hungarian LLG Council and LLG System development
Author: BORBÉLY-PECZE Tibor Bors
Towards Common Principles of Flexicurity - Draft Council Conclusions
Author: Outi Ruusuvirta
Implementation of the common principles of flexicurity within the framework of the 2008-2010 round of the Lisbon Strategy - Report by the "flexicurity" mission
Author: Outi Ruusuvirta
Towards Common Principles of Flexicurity: More and better jobs through flexibility and security
Author: Outi Ruusuvirta
Author: Hanne woller
Development and Elaboration of the Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (AIKOS)
Author: The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and Euroguidance
Partnership based URIHO's model of CMS for persons with disability in Croatia
National Quality System for Guidance Provision - Portugal
Author: Pedro Moreno da Fonseca PhD