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National Strategy Of Equalization Of Possibilities For Persons With Disabilities From The Year 2007 Till The Year 2015

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Adopted/Released by
The Croatian Parliament
Year of adoption
Reference number
Official Gazette 63/07
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1. Additional narrative description of the reference to Lifelong Guidance

2.3. Upbringing and education

Measure 3. To provide lifelong learning for persons with disabilities with the aim to facilitate the transition between phases of education and education and employment.
Carrier: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
Co-carriers: Agency for Adult Education, Agency for Education and Training, Agency for Occupational Education, Croatian Employment Service, National Examination and Assessment Centre, local and regional self-government units, associations of persons with disabilities and associations dealing with programmes providing benefit to persons with disabilities.

1. to draft a qualification framework of appropriate employments for persons with particular forms and degrees of disabilities acknowledging the demands of the labour market.
2. to develop evaluation of non-formal and informal learning
3. to encourage research on competences of young people with disabilities after primary and secondary education and compare them with competences required on the labour market
4. to provide lifelong professional informing and counselling of persons with disabilities

2.7. Professional rehabilitation, employment and labour

4. To provide access to professional orientation for persons with disabilities regardless of age, education and working status

Carrier: Croatian Employment Service and Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
Co-carriers: Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, Agency for Vocational Education, Agency for Adult Education, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, regional professional rehabilitation centres, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Croatian Employers' Association, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, Croatian Institute for Public Health, associations of persons with disabilities and associations dealing with programmes providing benefits to persons with disabilities, institutions for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, professional rehabilitation and employment

1. to identify persons with disabilities having the need for professional orientation by taking into account their age, education and working status
2. to establish services for professional orientation within the educational system
3. to educate professional orientation counsellors for counselling of persons with disabilities
4. networking of professional orientation services and regional professional rehabilitation centres

Implementation indicators:
1. the number of persons with disabilities identified and forwarded to professional orientation
2. established services for professional orientation of pupils within the educational system
3. the number of experts from various systems included in education
4. the number of persons included in professional rehabilitation

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