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"STOP & GO. Where do I stand - where do I want to go?"
Author: Feldhoff Barbara, Ferres Jeannot, Friedel Claire, Giebels Esther, Moris Carole, Noesen Joseph
“Early intervention” activities with pupils – partnership based holistic approach in Croatia
A Success Story: The Case of the Educational Sector of Guidance in Cyprus
Author: Lena Nicolaou
Act On Education In Primary And Secondary Schools
Author: Croatian Employment Service (CES), Employment Preparation Department
Career information centres
Career information for young people in Austria
Career Orientation and Guidance (COG) Incentives plans the Netherlands
Author: Petervan Deursen
CMS in a University in Portugal
Author: Marjo Halmiala
Development and Elaboration of the Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (AIKOS)
Author: The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and Euroguidance
Development and Pilot Operation of National Database of educational opportunities - PLOIGOS
Author: Hanne woller
Federal Programmes Educational Chains and Coaching for the transition to work for at-risk youth in Germany
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke, National Guidance Forum
Greek model system for quality assurance in guidance services
Author: Dimitrios Gaitanis PhD
Job Exposure
Author: Dorianne Gravina/Sandra Cortis
National Quality System for Guidance Provision - Portugal
Author: Pedro Moreno da Fonseca PhD
Ordinance On The Procedure To Determine The Psycho-Physiological State Of A Child Or Pupil, And The Composition Of Expert Committee
Author: Croatian Employment Service (CES), Employment Preparation Department
The approach to Early School Leaving in the Netherlands
Author: Peter van Deursen
The Berufswahlpass (career choice passport): A portfolio approach to support CMS and career orientation
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke, nfb
The Hungarian LLG Council and LLG System development
Author: BORBÉLY-PECZE Tibor Bors
The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic
Author: Jana Kvapilová
Training for the Parents of 7-19 Years Students
Author: Esra Çalık Var, ELGPN National Representative for Turkey and Educational policies unit in MONE
Using quality manuals to develop a culture of learning within and across career development services
Author: Marjo Halmiala