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Model of the career management services in HE in Lithuania
Author: Ms Aleksandra Sokolova, Deputy head of the Vocational Education and Guidance Division, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
Using quality manuals to develop a culture of learning within and across career development services
Author: Marjo Halmiala
Internet portal as leading instrument to support career choice and access to career guidance
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke,
Quality in Career Guidance – open process of coordination for quality development and its results
Author: Karen Schober; Dr. Bernhard Jenschke
The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic
Author: Jana Kvapilová
Quality Standards For The Vocational Guidance and Selection Services At The Croatian Employment Service
Author: Croatian Employment Service (CES), Employment Preparation Department
Act On Professional Rehabilitation And Employment Of Persons With Disabilities
Author: Croatian Employment Service (CES), Employment Preparation Department
Quality assurance through a training curriculum for guidance practitioners in higher education in Germany by the university association for counsellors and guidance practitioners “Society for Information, Guidance and Therapy at Universities” (´´´GIBeT)
Author: Bernhard Jenschke
“Early intervention” activities with pupils – partnership based holistic approach in Croatia
European guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning
Author: Outi Ruusuvirta
The German National Guidance Forum – a bottom-up approach
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke
Ordinance On Active Job Seeking And Availability To Work
Author: Croatian Employment Service (CES), Employment Preparation Department
Vocational guidance
Guidance counsellor