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Adult education and VET
Author: Paulina Bogdanska
Warmia and Mazury Pact for Vocational Counselling Development
Author: Paulina Bogdanska
Discussion Platform for Lifelong Guidance
Author: Paulina Bogdanska
Voluntary Labour Corps
Author: Paulina Bogdanska
"STOP & GO. Where do I stand - where do I want to go?"
Author: Feldhoff Barbara, Ferres Jeannot, Friedel Claire, Giebels Esther, Moris Carole, Noesen Joseph
Author: Dimitris Gaitanis and Marina Katsimani, department of scientific support of career guidance counselors and services.
Helpline/web-based services in the UK
Author: Christine Minott
The matrix quality standard in the UK
Author: Christine Minott
Professionalisation developments in the UK
Author: Christine Minott
Model of the career management services in HE in Lithuania
Author: Ms Aleksandra Sokolova, Deputy head of the Vocational Education and Guidance Division, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
Career information for young people in Austria
Guidance Network Austria – Adult Education
Career Orientation and Guidance (COG) Incentives plans the Netherlands
Author: Petervan Deursen
Developing CMS in companies undergoing restructuring in Portugal
Author: Marjo Halmiala
CMS in a University in Portugal
Author: Marjo Halmiala
Using quality manuals to develop a culture of learning within and across career development services
Author: Marjo Halmiala
Internet portal as leading instrument to support career choice and access to career guidance
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke,
Quality in Career Guidance – open process of coordination for quality development and its results
Author: Karen Schober; Dr. Bernhard Jenschke
The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic
Author: Jana Kvapilová
The Hungarian LLG Council and LLG System development
Author: BORBÉLY-PECZE Tibor Bors
Development and Pilot Operation of National Database of educational opportunities - PLOIGOS
The Retirement Compass
Author: Bernhard Jenschke
Workplace Guidance
Author: Peter Plant
Training for the Parents of 7-19 Years Students
Author: Esra Çalık Var, ELGPN National Representative for Turkey and Educational policies unit in MONE
Quality assurance through a training curriculum for guidance practitioners in higher education in Germany by the university association for counsellors and guidance practitioners “Society for Information, Guidance and Therapy at Universities” (´´´GIBeT)
Author: Bernhard Jenschke
Transfer of Innovative Methodology for Assessment of VET Teachers’ Prior Learning
Author: Euroguidance LT
The Berufswahlpass (career choice passport): A portfolio approach to support CMS and career orientation
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke, nfb
“Early intervention” activities with pupils – partnership based holistic approach in Croatia
Greek model system for quality assurance in guidance services
Author: Dimitrios Gaitanis PhD
The German National Guidance Forum – a bottom-up approach
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke
A Success Story: The Case of the Educational Sector of Guidance in Cyprus
Author: Lena Nicolaou
Career information centres
Job Exposure
Author: Dorianne Gravina/Sandra Cortis
Author: Hanne woller
Development and Elaboration of the Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (AIKOS)
Author: The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and Euroguidance
The approach to Early School Leaving in the Netherlands
Author: Peter van Deursen
Agreements between the Labour- and Welfare service and the County Education Administration in Norway
Author: Ingunn Hagen
Partnership based URIHO's model of CMS for persons with disability in Croatia
A youth database system
Author: Hanne woller
National Cooperation and coordination mechanisms in guidance practice and policy development in Norway; The National Unit for Lifelong Guidance
Author: Camilla Alfsen and Hanne Christensen
Federal Programmes Educational Chains and Coaching for the transition to work for at-risk youth in Germany
Author: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke, National Guidance Forum
National Quality System for Guidance Provision - Portugal
Author: Pedro Moreno da Fonseca PhD
Co-operation and Co-ordination Mechanisms in Guidance on policy level
Author: Brigita Rupar
Author: Seza Karaman, ELGPN National Representative for Turkey and the Career Guidance Services Development Unit in MONE
Learning & Working
Author: Peter van Deursen
Quality Assurance in the Danish Guidance System in the educational sector
Author: Jeppe Christiansen