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Anti-Discrimination Act

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Anti-Discrimination Act

Reference data

Adopted/Released by The Croatian Parliament

Year of adoption 2008

Reference number Official Gazette 85/08

Available at http://

Available in English at http://

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Article 8.
This Act shall apply to the conduct of all state bodies, bodies of local and regional self-government units, legal persons vested with public authority, and to the conduct of all legal and natural persons, especially in the following areas:
1. work and working conditions; access to self-employment and occupation, including selection criteria, recruiting and promotion conditions; access to all types of vocational guidance, vocational training, professional improvement and retraining;
2. education, science and sports;
3. social security, including social welfare, pension and health insurance and unemployment insurance;
4. health protection;
5. judiciary and administration;
6. housing;
7. public informing and the media;
8. access to goods and services and their providing;
9. membership and activities in trade unions, civil society organisations, political parties or any other organisations;
10. access to participation in the cultural and artistic creation.

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