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Labour Act

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Labour Act

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Adopted/Released by The Croatian Parliament

Year of adoption 2009/2011

Reference number Official Gazette 149/09, 61/11

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Available in English at http://

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Article 5.
(1) The employer shall assign a worker a job and pay him or her for the work carried out, and the worker shall perform personally the job assigned, following the employer's instructions given according to the nature and the type of work,
(2) The employer has the right to specify the location and manner of carrying out the work, while respecting the rights and dignity of the worker.
(3) The employer shall, in accordance with a separate law and other regulations, provide the employee with safe working conditions that are not hazardous to the health of employees.
(4) Direct and indirect discrimination in the field of labour and labour conditions shall be prohibited, which includes selection criteria and employment requirements, promotion requirements, vocational guidance, vocational training, additional training and retraining, in accordance with special law.
(5) The employer shall protect employees' dignity during work from such treatment by superiors, peers and persons with whom employees come into regular contact during their work that is unwanted and contrary to separate law.

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