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Internet portal as leading instrument to support career choice and access to career guidance

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Internet portal as leading instrument to support career choice and access to career guidance



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1. Background

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- Participants

This information portal “ ” is a combination of different online media supporting young people, teachers and parents in all issues of career choice and also to find the regional service for career guidance and placement into apprenticeships. This combination of online media is accompanied by the yearly updated print and CD media distributed to students, teachers and parents.

The internet portal is provided by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) which has the legal task to provide career guidance for young people and adults. According to § 33 Social Code III this includes the provision of career information and orientation as part of the service. The portal and the assisting print and other media are part of the realisation of the legal task for the target groups. They are also used within the career education classes which are provided co-operatively within schools by teachers and career counsellors according to the Agreement between the BA and the Standing Conference of the Education Ministers of the Laender (KMK) on the Framework of Cooperation between Career Service and Schools (2004).

This example aims at widening access (policy priority of the EU Resolution 2008) to guidance which assists young people to prepare their choice of career and training in a well informed and systematic way. This modern ICT tool also helps users to make an appointment for a face-to-face guidance session if necessary. In addition it is an outstanding example for a concrete co-operation across the two sectors –education and employment (policy priorityEU Resolution 2008).

The online portal is developed, financed, edited and permanently updated by the Federal Employment Agency considering the changes in schools, training and further training and the labour market.

Aims and targets

- Objectives of the initiative (What did the policy set out to achieve?)

- Target group

- Methods applied to reach the objective (technological and /or pedagogical)

The media combination consists of the online portal “” (planet profession), a self-exploration programme “Berufe-Universum” (Universe of Professions), a training programme “How to apply for a training or job” and assisting print and CDs media. The self-exploration programme contains a questionnaire to assess interests, strengths, occupational behaviour and school marks to compare this information with job requirements leading to proposals of professions which fit to the user´s profile (you can land on your fitting planets respectively professions). The universe of professions shows the professional profiles and gives further detailed information including videos and films about the related profession or training and on the online portal. It also informs the user whether training opportunities/apprenticeships are available in the region. The online portal is linked to the nationwide databases of all professions (BERUFENET) and the database for all further training facilities including HE (KURSNET)) as well as to the Online Job Market (JOBBOERSE). Besides this online approach comprehensive information and exploration facilities are provided in the local Career Information Centres BIZ.

The aims of the online portal are complex and vary according to the target group. Students of lower secondary schools are the main target group. Planet profession aims to support their choice of a career, to assist their application process and to find a suitable training or apprenticeship. Teachers receive stimulations and suggestions for the career education classes and parents get advice how to support the career choice of their children. But also guidance practitioners, social workers and other partners make use of this offer.

Following a comprehensive approach the detailed media combination covers all relevant aspects of the career choice process. Therefore all media are structured along the process “informing – deciding – applying” and can be used in a flexible way in the classroom, at home or during the counselling session. The class room teaching in career education becomes more vivid and activity oriented. Teachers receive practical ideas for the exploration of strengths and interests as well as for career choice support and application needs. Students are activated through discovering learning and interactive elements and become more self conscious.
The concept, update and elaboration of the media is accompanied and monitored by an editorial board of teachers representatives, social partners and of teachers training institutions.

2. Implementation

Strategy and actions (Please describe the approach adopted to make the reform work and any actions taken.)

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The portal is located within the overall webpage of the Federal Employment Agency ( but can also be accessed separately ( The online portal is assisted by print and CD media which are distributed to more than 11 000 schools and are used in the career classes to increase the use of the portal. Parts of the content can also be used as teaching material during lessons. The online portal is linked to other career initiatives like the Girl´s Day or the Career Choice Passport. All initiatives are implemented nationwide regardless the different school systems of the Laender. Regional agreements on the cooperation of schools with the career service recommend the use of the media of the BA.

Monitoring and evaluation

- What has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation?

- What actors are involved?

Monthly statistics count the number of users and the calls of pages. Proposals of the customer’s reaction management are welcome and considered for the further development and updating. In 2010 an online user satisfaction survey is planned.

3. Outcomes

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- Specific results

- Cost effectiveness

- Budget

- Innovative aspects

Since the start of the portal in autumn 2008 nearly 6 million visitors were counted with about 60 million calls/clicks of pages (March 2010).

Economic aspects of effectiveness are given through the comprehensive use of the portal by students, teachers, counsellors and parents according to their different needs and in increasing the level of information and the self and career awareness of the target groups.
Additionally, the other media (prints, CDs) and the class room teaching of teachers and counsellors become more effective. The face-to-face counselling sessions are more solidly prepared and therefore more effective.

The planet-beruf portal is financed by the regular budget of the Federal Employment Agency (by contributions of employers and employees) in the frame of its legal tasks.

The possibility to integrate all related aspects of information in a comprehensive way reinforce career activities of students, teachers and parents by the use of modern technology. More over the ICT tool allows students to “play” and navigate around the issues of career in a way youth nowadays are familiar with. Youngsters with poor ICT skills can get more competences in using them and thus become more self conscious. In addition new opportunities for teachers are offered by the portal to make their teaching more attractive and authentic in activating students by ICT tools. There are also chat room meetings (dates announced right in advance) where special issues can be discussed or relevant actual information is given by experts.

Success factors (What key success factors have led to or prevented success?)

- Lessons learnt

- Unintended impacts (Have there been any unintended impacts? Positive or negative?)

The online portal and related print media are linked to each other and both deepen the career reflections of all involved. Therefore, it is necessary to look after comprehensive networking with the contents of the portal in all future print media. This networking is also supposed to include the self exploration programme Berufe-Universum (universe of professions): For the proposed professions according to the strengths and interests of the user more detailed information like profiles of professions, daily schedules of job holders, authentic reports on the reality of the professions and videos and films are offered. Within the interactive portal public stars (like famous soccer players, actors, musicians or others) appear as door openers for questions of career choice by telling their personal (success) stories.

Other persons or institutions working also in the field of career orientation co-operate with the portal or use elements of the portal for their work. This means stimulation for co-operation in the guidance field.

Strengths and weaknesses

- What areas of the policy can we learn lessons from?

- Are there still challenges ahead?

The strength of this example is without doubt the modern form of ICT approach and the structure and design of the online portal which makes it interesting and attractive for young users. Furthermore, the combination of different tools with related databases makes the complex portal a valuable and flexible support for the task of career guidance and widens access to the offers of the guidance services as a whole.

4. Additional narrative description of the policy/practice/initiative

On June 25th, 2010 the Federal Employment Agency was awarded the Comenius multimedia award 2010 for the internet portal It received the Comenius-EduMedia-medal for outstanding examples of multimedia products. The award acknowledges the portal’s pedagogical concept, its content and design and underlines that it is particularly suitable for young people.

The Comenius-EduMedia-medal has been awarded for the 15th time by the Society for Pedagogy and Information (Gesellschaft für Paedagogik und Information, GPI). The Comenius awards are the most significant prizes for ICT-based education media.

Additional information

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Dieter Romann

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Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Zentrale Team SP III 21 Beratung/Orientierung/Information/U-25 (Federal Employment Agency)



+49 (0)911 179 1365


+49 (0)911/179 1333


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