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Quality Standards For The Vocational Guidance and Selection Services At The Croatian Employment Service

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Croatian Employment Service
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The material describes how career guidance services are provided in regional offices as well as those possible activities now provided in only some of the offices. Improving the career guidance system presumes introduction of new types of services for specific groups of users and ensures co-ordinated action between different departments of the CES. Precondition for introduction of new services is a continuous investment into upgrading of counsellors’ competences.

The overall goal in the quality management system is:
• CES services quality standardisation
• That the activities of the Employment Service are more visible and transparent to the users and public
• That the services provided are within the resources allocated and the legislation framed, that they match best the needs of the users
• Permanent training for the CES employees in order to gain needed competences
• That the changes i.e. adjustments are made in accordance with users’ needs and potential
• To ensure a nation wide concept in delivering services, with possibilities for regional variations

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