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Warmia and Mazury Pact for Vocational Counselling Development



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1. Background

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- The motivation of the initiative (What is the history/background of the policy?)

- Linkages with LLG policy priorities (Please add references to other national/EU policies or documents)

- Participants

Warmia and Mazury Pact for Vocational Counselling Development functions for over 4 years. It is a tool for enhancing cooperation of 58 institutions and organisations, including institutions of the labour market, educational centres and organizations and associations of the Warmia and Mazury Region, dealing with issues of vocational guidance. The initiator of the agreement between the institutions was The Regional Labour Office in Olsztyn in November 2007.

Aims and targets

- Objectives of the initiative (What did the policy set out to achieve?)

- Target group

- Methods applied to reach the objective (technological and /or pedagogical)

The teams responsible for different tasks were formed under the Pact. There are leaders who direct the works of participants who are the representatives of the partner institutions. The teams use the support of expert researchers in the implementation of each task. The members of the task force typically meet several times during the year.

2. Implementation

Strategy and actions (Please describe the approach adopted to make the reform work and any actions taken.)

- Level of implementation (national, regional etc.)

- Implementation (description)

Meetings are organised in the premises of their partners in order to get acquainted the specificity of activity of the institutions of the partner. Within Warmia and Mazury Pact for the development of vocational guidance there are 4 sections, i.e.
- Vocational information team
- Training and professional development team
- Diagnostic team
- Coordination and promotion team

Monitoring and evaluation

- What has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation?

- What actors are involved?

3. Outcomes

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- Specific results

- Cost effectiveness

- Budget

- Innovative aspects

The main activity of the parts who signed the Pact is organisation and participation in different meetings, conferences and fairs.

Success factors (What key success factors have led to or prevented success?)

- Lessons learnt

- Unintended impacts (Have there been any unintended impacts? Positive or negative?)

Strengths and weaknesses

- What areas of the policy can we learn lessons from?

- Are there still challenges ahead?

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