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Name of the good/interesting practice/initiative/policy

Discussion Platform for Lifelong Guidance



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1. Background

What makes this an example of good/interesting practice/initiative/policy?
- The motivation of the initiative (What is the history/background of the policy?)
- Linkages with LLG policy priorities (Please add references to other national/EU policies or documents)
- Participants
In 2007 the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy established a Discussion Platform for Lifelong Guidance.

Aims and targets
- Objectives of the initiative (What did the policy set out to achieve?)
- Target group
- Methods applied to reach the objective (technological and /or pedagogical)
This initiative is an opportunity for better co-operation in the area of career guidance activities at the national level through involvement of the most important government and NGO institutions, responsible for strategic solutions and legal provisions.

2. Implementation

Strategy and actions (Please describe the approach adopted to make the reform work and any actions taken.)
- Level of implementation (national, regional etc.)
- Implementation (description)
Cross-platform meetings are held once a year. Each meeting is devoted to specific topics, which allow preparation of materials for discussion and facilitation of joint initiatives.

Monitoring and evaluation
- What has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation?
- What actors are involved?

3. Outcomes

Achievements (Please describe the main outcomes/results according to the following headings. Each option can be answered - up to 50 words)
- Specific results
- Cost effectiveness
- Budget
- Innovative aspects
A lot of institutions which have guidance counselling in their responsibilities, take a part in platform meetings: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education, Central Board of Prison Service, Headquarters of Voluntary Labour Corps, Management Board of Professional Development Centre, Network of Academic Career Services, Forum of Directors of Local Labour Offices, Assembly of Directors of Regional Labour Offices, Polish Assocciation of Educational and Vocational Counsellors.

Success factors (What key success factors have led to or prevented success?)
- Lessons learnt
- Unintended impacts (Have there been any unintended impacts? Positive or negative?)
These key institutions intensify efforts to develop vocational guidance, during the meetings partners exchange key information and discuss to achieve common positions on important matters.

Strengths and weaknesses
- What areas of the policy can we learn lessons from?
- Are there still challenges ahead?
The partners who form the platform remain with each other in the current working contacts when necessary.

4. Additional narrative description of the policy/practice/initiative

This cooperation of partners in the platform who operate at the central level is not formalised. The institutions are not tied with any formal agreement or contract.

Additional information

Name of contact

Role (in policy initiative)

Organization name
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

1/3/5 Nowogrodzka st.

48 22 529 07 40

48 22 529 07 41


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