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UU-centrenes vejledning


Ministry of education

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June 2013

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Effect studies and quality measurements of Youth Guidance is in the Act on guidance. The youth Guidance Centers must have a system for quality control and quality assurance which contain:

• An annual plan for following up the results of quality assurance raises .
• Transition rates of transition between primary and secondary education , or other activity
• An annual user survey , which includes those who receive guidance from UU

Ministry conducts an annual user survey of students in public schools 9 and 10 pm. for examination by users benefit from UU 's guidance.

The User Survey has been made since 2009. The response rate from the participating schools is high ( 65-67 per cent . ) And over half of all students responding to the survey ( in 2012 the response rate was 57% ) .
The key question is whether students are getting the guidance in relation to making choices of education. There can hardly establishes a clear relationship between guidance and effects, but it is possible to make some contexts of supervision contribution to the overall effect .

This paper addresses the impact of career development... [Tick all that apply]

across the life course
in learning organisations (e.g. school, VET, adult education, higher education)
for those out of work or returning to work (e.g. young people/NEETs, unemployed workers, women returners)
for those in work
for those who are seeking to taper or stop paid work (e.g. moving to part-time work or retirement)

Methodologies reported in this paper: [Tick all that apply]

Qualitative methods e.g. interviews, focus groups
Quantitative methods e.g. surveys
Longitudinal methods e.g. tracking clients, cohort studies
Control trials
Secondary analysis of administrative data e.g. re-examining service monitoring data
Literature review/ meta-analysis
Other (please specify)

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