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Career counselling


The interaction between a career/guidance counsellor and an individual.
An individual or group process which emphasises self-awareness and understanding, and facilitates the development of a satisfying and meaningful life/work direction as a basis to guide learning, work and transition decisions, as well as how to manage responses to changing work and learning environments over the lifespan.


Other definitions include:
• Career counselling facilitates the learning of skills, interests, beliefs, values, work habits, and personal qualities to enable each participant to create a satisfying life in a constantly changing work environment (Krumboltz & Worthington, 1999).
• The career counselling process is focussed on helping individuals not to choose a career but to construct it (Watts, 2000).


Career Guidance and Counselling Glossary. Result of Leonardo da Vinci programme project “Overcoming Intercultural and Linguistic Barriers in Continuously Accessible Vocational Guidance and Counselling” (project No LT/03/B/F/LA-171023). Available from Internet:

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