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1. Background

What makes this an example of good/interesting practice/initiative/policy?

- The motivation of the initiative (What is the history/background of the policy?)

- Linkages with LLG policy priorities (Please add references to other national/EU policies or documents)

- Participants

The ICT web forum IRIDA is the electronic communication platform of the Greek Lifelong Guidance Forum.
The development of a network and electronic communication platform targeted to guidance practitioners was implemented in 2007 by the National Centre for Vocational Orientation (EKEP). Following a Ministerial Decision in 2011, the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Career Guidance (EOPPEP) has incorporated all the responsibilities previously carried out by EKEP.

The motivation of the initiative was to develop a forum of dialoque and consultation on important issues of LLG in order to promote cooperation and coordination of career guidance counselors and services of the public and private sectors in national, regional and local levels according to the 4th priority set by the 2008 EU resolution on life long career guidance.
Through the coordination of all career guidance stakeholders of both the public and private sectors a certain complimentarity of actions is achived together with better exploitation of financial and human resources with ultimate result the improvement of quality of career guidance provision

The project is linked to the following LLG policy priorities: Quality, Coordination and Cooperation and Access.
The initiative is part of EOPPEP’s responsibilities as a National Euroguidance Center. For its operation, many European good practices of networking are taken in account, as well as CEDEFOP’s study "Establishing National Lifelong Guidance Forums».

Aims and targets

- Objectives of the initiative (What did the policy set out to achieve?)

- Target group

- Methods applied to reach the objective (technological and /or pedagogical)

The aim of the platform is to connect all services providing career guidance at national regional and local levels, including:
Centres for Career Guidance (KESYPs)" that operate in the capitals of the prefectures under the juristiction of the Ministry of Education
Centers for Promotion to Employment operating within the Greek Public Employment Services.
Career offices in tertiary education
Career guidance services of the private sector: (The Centers of Life Long Learning (KDVM) (former Vocational Training Centers), The Private Job Finding Offices and The Temporary Job Enterprises
Social partners’ guidance structures.
The target group is mainly the Career Guidance Counselors of the public and private sector that work in the above services, who need to get informed and exchange ideas concerning issues of career guidance services in national and european level.
The initiative is the result of a fertile collaboration between its coordinator (EKEP and now EOPPEP) and an important number of career guidance centers.
The platform is designed as an ICT interface. It consists of an information data base and a dialogue interface, accessed only by subscribed users. It is controlled and supported by an administrator and several moderators.
The subscribed users of the platform are trained by the tool itself.

2. Implementation

Strategy and actions (Please describe the approach adopted to make the reform work and any actions taken.)

- Level of implementation (national, regional etc.)

- Implementation (description)

For the implementation of the forum, the following actions have been undertaken:
• Definition of platform’s stakeholders and needs by EOPPEP
• Collaboration among the stakeholders and EOPPEP’s Career Guidance Directorate for the subjects to be discussed in the platform
• Design and implementation of the platform by an ICT company (EPAFOS) in collaboration with EOPPEP
• Testing of the platform by EOPPEP
• Creation of platform users’ accounts

The development of the platform is completed and the instruction of moderators is under way. The platform is about to be presented to the public afterwhich its official operation will start.
The communication among IRIDA users will be in a national, regional and local level.

Monitoring and evaluation

- What has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation?

- What actors are involved?

EOPPEP has the role of scientific and ethical supervision of the web forum. Moreover it facilitates the active participation to the platform of all represantatives and stakeholders of career guidance services of the education, VET and employment sectors including social partners and users of the career guidance services. The contribution of the forum to the improvement of quality of career guidance services will be evaluated by EOPPEP
EOPPEP is responcible for the promotion of the platform to the public and of the technical maintenance

3. Outcomes

Achievements (Please describe the main outcomes/results according to the following headings. Each option can be answered - up to 50 words)

- Specific results

- Cost effectiveness

- Budget

- Innovative aspects

Specific results: The platform will give to its users (counselors of the Career Guidance Centers (KESYPs) of the ministry of education, Career Offices of the Universities, Centers for Promotion to Employment (KPAs) of the Greek Manpower Organization (OAED) of the Ministry of Labour etc) the possibility to communicate to each other, to exchange ideas, practices and knowledge, to discuss various subjects (e.g. career management skills, european dimension in career guidance etc) to raise questions etc thus promoting the cooperation and coordination of all career guidance stakeholders.

Cost effectiveness: The cost effectiveness is high since the complimentarity of actions, the dissemination of innovative policies and good practices and the exchange of information on available services, training opportunities, awareness seminars and scientific conferences will promote both the coordination and better access to career guidance services, all of which result in the improvement of quality in career guidance provision for the sake of its users.
In financial terms there will be reduced costs as the communication is evolved by economical means, i.e. mail and internet instead of high budget live meetings. Through the coordination of LLG activities, the cost of parallel and similar policies is eliminated.

Budget: Since the platform was developed in the framework of another ICT tool (Interactive Internet Portal for Adolescents) it had no cost. However, it will require annual technical maintenance.

Innovative aspects: Irida is the first and only web forum connecting career guidance counselors and services of the public and private sectors in national, regional and local levels. It is an easy to learn and use tool that stimulates cooperation and coordination of policies, projects and actions and promotes dialogue and exchange of opinions on issues relating to guidance practice..

Success factors (What key success factors have led to or prevented success?)

- Lessons learnt

- Unintended impacts (Have there been any unintended impacts? Positive or negative?)

The forum’s development and improvement is a continuing procedure. EOPPEP has a daily relation with interested stakeholders in a formal (cooperation contracts) or informal way (phone contacts).
Its successful design and implementation is based mainly to the collaboration among stakeholders and to the consultation provided by EOPPEP.

Strengths and weaknesses

- What areas of the policy can we learn lessons from?

- Are there still challenges ahead?

The initiative can encourage cooperation on specific activities of the participants. They can have lot of benefits as described above .
The platform can inform career guidance counselors about several themes like career guidance tools and methods, career management Skills, quality assurance in career Guidance , career development of practitioners, seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad, ect.

The tool is interactive. The users can upload questions and answers on interesting issues. The practitioners can actively participate in conversations and get updated on innovative tools and methods. They can also make changes in their electronic profile.

In order to access the platform they need to create an account, after a relative application to EOPPEP.

EOPPEP is responsible for the coordination and the support of the platform, through a team work of internal users (moderators and administrator).

The biggest challenge for the forum is to become a strong and active mean of communication that will be accepted and widely used by all career guidance stakehloders.

4. Additional narrative description of the policy/practice/initiative

Additional information

Name of contact

Fotini Vlachaki, (MSc) Manager of the Directorate of Career Guidance of EOPPEP - Dimitrios Gaitanis (PhD) Head of the Department of Scientific Support of Career Guidance Counselors and Services

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+30 210 2709172-7


+30 210 2709178


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