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Act On Employment Mediation And Rights During Unemployment

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Act On Employment Mediation And Rights During Unemployment

Reference data

Adopted/Released by The Croatian Parliament

Year of adoption 2008/2009/2010

Reference number Official Gazette 80/08, 94/09, 121/10

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Article 1
This Act regulates employment mediation, career guidance, education and training with the aim of increasing the labour force, insurance during unemployment, activities in the labour market with the aim of promoting spatial and professional mobility of the labour force, new employment and self-employment, financial resources for activities of the Croatian Employment Service (hereinafter: CES) and its structure, management and activities.

Article 22
Employment preparation includes the following:
1) career guidance,
2) introduction to methods and techniques of active job seeking,
3) training for employment,
4) professional rehabilitation.

Article 23
(1) Career guidance refers to a number of professional activities which define possibilities, interests and competences of clients, so that they make decisions on their education, training and employment and thus manage their professional development.
(2) Career guidance includes informing, counselling and monitoring of professional development of persons from Paragraph 1 thereof.
(3) Career guidance services are delivered to unemployed persons and other job seekers, pupils and students.

Article 63
CES performs the following activities:
1) monitors, analyses and keeps track of economic, social and other trends, employment figures, employment and unemployment and their mutual cooperation and impacts based on which it proposes measures for promotion of employment,
2) keeps register on unemployment persons and other persons, mediates in employment between employers and job seekers, monitors employment needs, their employment and , in that sense, cooperates with employers,
3) in cooperation with employers, educational institutions and other legal entities, organizes and implements career guidance services, training and other forms of active employment policies …
4) collaborates with educational institutions in order to harmonize curricula with demand for the labour force and implementation of career guidance ...

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