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The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic

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The IQ Roma Service – The Centre for Counselling and Employment, Czech Republic


Czech Republic

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1. Background

What makes this an example of good/interesting practice/initiative/policy?

- The motivation of the initiative (What is the history/background of the policy?)

- Linkages with LLG policy priorities (Please add references to other national/EU policies or documents)

- Participants


IQ Roma Service provides accredited social services: social counselling, field work, drop-in facility for children and the young and activation services for families with children, in compliance with Social Service Law (108/2006) as amended and further complementary activities.
IQ Roma Service helps approx. 2000 people in need a year in Brno, Břeclav, Vyškov and in other localities of the South Moravian Region.
The clients are mainly Roma threatened by social exclusion, who want to resolve and change their adverse life situation actively. The social services are provided for free.

Aims and targets

- Objectives of the initiative (What did the policy set out to achieve?)

- Target group

- Methods applied to reach the objective (technological and /or pedagogical)

Aims and targets

Vision of IQ Roma servis is “society of lively and friendly relations between Roma and other people…a world where Roma people have their dignified roles and respect as both individuals and a nation…“
Mission of IQ Roma servis is “to be a mediator which supports possibilities, opportunities and resolution of Roma in their development, social fulfilment and protects their rights and dignity within society.”
Employees of Centre of Counselling and Employment provide information and support in solving of adverse situation of people, mainly Roma and their children. They aim to improve or even solve their problems. The leading belief is that fact that someone is Roma should not be a complication in their life or on the life of their children.
IQ Roma Service wants to experience and assist success of young Romani generation in education, increase employment of Roma and set up their dignified place in the society, to support health, competencies of parents and good relationships within Romani families. An important goal is helping in ensuring accessible housing for active clients. The work also targets debts of the clients and provides help in finding active and systematic way in solving financial problems. The work aims at building positive image, pride and civic engagement of Roma. IQ Roma Services wants to be strong, independent and influential organization.

2. Implementation

Strategy and actions (Please describe the approach adopted to make the reform work and any actions taken.)

- Level of implementation (national, regional etc.)

- Implementation (description)

The Program for Adults (which of the Centre of Counselling and Employment is a part) provides two ways of social work – field social work and advisory centres. The field social workers work mainly in Brno but also in other towns of South Moravian Region such as Břeclav Vyškov, Tišnov, Zastávka, Bučovice, Mikulov etc. IQ Roma servis has got four advisory centres – in Brno on streets Hybešova 41 and Cejl 49 and also in Vyškov and Břeclav. In this way a wide range of the clients´ needs is covered and also the regional structures are assisted through dissemination of the know-how and organizational methods.
Program for Children and Youth provides educational services in centres in Brno, Vyškov and Břeclav.
Apart from social and educational services the IQ Roma Service organizes various campaigns which reflect up-to-date events and trends within the whole society. “Dže andre lačchi škola” (“Go to a good school”) belongs to the most successful ones and aims to prepare children and their parents for a good start to educational system and choice of quality (non-segregated) school.
Campaign which brought a lot of attention in 2012 is “My pracujeme” (“We do work”). This campaign was launched on 1st August 2012 and aimed at showing positive examples of working Roma and so change negative attitude of the Czech majority and discriminatory tendencies. For more information on the campaign please see:
Similar campaign that attempted to point at discrimination on labour marked preceded on 2011 and was based on TV clip “Neviditelní” (“The Invisible”) which was broadcasted on Czech Television: This campaign was part of concept of Ethnic Friendly Employer brand.

The strategic plan of IQ Roma servis is being updated on annual basis and is a living document that covers wide range of topics the service works on. It mainly contains goals related to social work (housing, debts, employment, social system), educational activities (catch-up classes for pupils/students, past-time activities, coaching of children to lead them to successful participation in education and decision making in further professional life, cooperation with parents, families, schools etc.), case-management (mainly work with families). The strategic plan is result of a wide cooperation of management of the organization but also participation of all employees and also clients´ ideas and opinions. Feedback from clients is gained on various occasions (feedback sessions, participation meetings, community meetings etc.)
The main strategy of IQ Roma Service is to provide complex service. It means that the focus is not on job seeking only. The aim is also to encourage the clients to set a reasonable budget in order to get rid of the debts. The assistance is provided in in financial matters, housing, family relationships etc. General aim is to set up a sustainable situation for the client.

Monitoring and evaluation

- What has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation?

- What actors are involved?

IQ Roma Service has got Analytic and Methodological Department that monitors ways how social work is being provided and also results of the work. These outputs are processed on regular basis and often published in various media, magazines, strategic documents, web pages of the organization etc.
All activities are reflected by several means such as cross-check interviews, focus groups on various topics and continuous gaining of feedback from clients.

Funding/Cost effectiveness

It is difficult (if not impossible) to calculate influence of social work or educational activities. However calculations from 2011 show that cost of services provided to one client of the Centre of Counselling and Employment were approx. 56.6 EUR. Activities of IQ Roma Service are funded by European projects, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, South Moravian Region, Brno municipality and also by private donors. These donors fund our effort repeatedly and regularly therefore we are sure that they believe that they are worth finances invested into them.

3. Outcomes

Achievements (Please describe the main outcomes/results according to the following headings. Each option can be answered - up to 50 words)

- Specific results

- Cost effectiveness

- Budget

- Innovative aspects


Outcomes of the IQ Roma Service are published regularly in the Annual report. Please see the last one on:
To name some facts about the main outcomes:
In 2011 50 children were helped in registering at a quality school or kindergarten, 13 families assisted in cooperation with Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children, 1,663 clients of the Program for Adults helped in solving their problems related to employment, housing, debts and social system, 535 children participated on activities of Program for Youth, 58 applied for a secondary school and 42 of them passed, 149 of pupils/students attended catch-up classes and 217 attended PC courses.


IQ Roma Service belongs to the most prestigious non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and it is a leading expert in the area of social inclusion which is proven by the national & international awards, recognition and accreditation (please see:
In first half of 2012 15 clients of Centre of Counselling and Employment managed to find a job with the help of IQ Roma Service, 28 clients have set up a plan how to get rid of their debts and other 6 clients managed to get rid of them, 3 clients found house/flat rented by a private owner (which is a big success in view of the fact that Roma are frequently discriminated in housing).

Success factors (What key success factors have led to or prevented success?)

- Lessons learnt

- Unintended impacts (Have there been any unintended impacts? Positive or negative?)

All activities are watched, monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. Strategic plan sets up specific targets and rates of clients who to be employed, find a housing, pay off their debts, apply for a school and graduate it etc.
These numbers are processed and if the intended targets are not achieved the management analyses the deficiencies and searches for solutions for improvements.

Unintended impacts

All the clients helped in finding a job, flat, pay off their debts and sort out their problems with bureaus, or the children who graduated school act as the best PR for community of Czech Roma. Through work with them the view of the Czech society on Romani people is positively influenced.

Strengths and weaknesses

- What areas of the policy can we learn lessons from?

- Are there still challenges ahead?

The main strength is the complexity of the services which cover problems that occurs in life of clients throughout their whole life – from early age, through school years, entering the labour market, maintaining good family relations, coping with a difficult economic situation up to the aging and retirement issues. Not only social or educational services are provided in high quality (as many other organizations do) but the impact of the services has also an aspect of social and civic activism and participation.
Although respected and recognised by public institutions and even government IQ Roma Service still works on finding its place among those who play strategic role in decision making related to complex work with socially excluded communities. Another area of improvement is in monitoring and measuring the impact of the services on the lives of the clients.

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IQ Roma Servis


Cejl 49 602 00 Brno Česká republika


+420 549 241 250



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