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Act On Professional Rehabilitation And Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

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The Croatian Parliament
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Official Gazette 143/02, 33/05
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Article 6
(1) A person with disabilities has a right to professional training and rehabilitation (hereinafter: professional rehabilitation) under general conditions and, if necessary, due to the severity and type of disability in question or success of the rehabilitation process in special schools and institutions for professional rehabilitation, under specially adapted or special programmes.
(2) Professional rehabilitation covers the following measures and activities:
– definition of other working and general abilities,
– professional information, counselling and assessment of professional abilities,
– labour market analysis, employment possibilities and inclusion in the world of labour,
– assessment of possibilities of performance, development and implementation of professional development programmes,
– professional training, additional qualification and programmes for maintenance and development of work and society-related skills and abilities in the employment,
– information and counselling on supplementary technologies in learning and working,
– individual and group programmes for improvement of work and society-related inclusion in the community,
– proposals on use of different technologies and techniques in the learning and working processes with the assessment of possible use,
– pre-professional learning, planning and implementing the chosen technology,
– development of motivation and training of persons with disabilities in use of the chosen technology,
– technical assistance, support, monitoring and assessment of results,
– information and support regarding financial resources.
(3) Duration of professional rehabilitation depends on the other working abilities and complexity of its organization and implementation.
(4) Professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities is organized and implemented by an organization for professional rehabilitation, secondary school or another legal entity which fulfils conditions prescribed by this Act and other acts.
(5) Practical dimension of training during professional rehabilitation is carried out at employers' premises, or, exceptionally, within an institution for professional rehabilitation or a specialised educational institution.

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