WP1 Field Visits

Participating countries: AT, CZ, DE, DK, FI, HR, IT, LT, LV, LU, MT, NO, PT, SI, SK
Lead country: CZ
Consultant: Professor Ronald Sultana

Three WP1 meetings were held during this period:

  • A first peer-learning event took place in Lisbon on 28–29 March 2011. Members looked at Portuguese  and  international  examples  of  how CMS  were  promoted  in  university  settings, with an input from FEDORA (European Forum for  Student  Guidance).
  • A  second  meeting  took  place  in  Toulouse on  14–15  November  2011.  Members  shared examples of interesting practice concerning theuse of reflective portfolios in order to support learning of CMS, and as a tool to assess mastery, particularly in education settings, including universities.
  • The  synthesis  meeting  was  held  in  Malta  on 27–28 March 2012. Members discussed two key outputs  produced  by  task  groups:  the  Guidelines  for  Career  Management  Skills  Development,  and  the Thematic  Study  on  Success  Factors  in  Implementing  CMS  Policy.

» Some photos from WP1 Field Visits
» Various presentations from WP1 Field Visits