ELGPN Research Paper No. 1

THE OECD HAS BEEN CONDUCTING ITS PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey at three-yearly intervals since 2000. In addition to the primary focus upon student achievement in 2012 one area that was explored was career development. The option of completing the Education Career questionnaire was taken up by 22 of the 65 countries and economies that took part in PISA 2012 and fourteen of the 22 countries are members of the ELGPN.

The purpose of the this ELGPN Research Paper is to provide an initial exploration of the potential of PISA 2012 to illuminate some links between career development and public policy, to explore national differences in patterns of 15 year-olds’ participation in career development activities and their perceived career-related competences, and to suggest priorities for further analysis. It provides a first-level analysis of the relationship between career development and the characteristics of schools and of students and their families, and does not try to examine either interaction between variables or to partial out the absolute impact of individual variables once the impact of others has been taken into consideration. Its focus is upon general patterns and trends rather than upon trying to understand individual countries.

This Research Paper has been co-authored by Professor Richard Sweet, Dr Kari Nissinen and Dr Raimo Vuorinen in his role as the ELGPN Co-ordinator.

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