Webinar: Prof. James P. Sampson Jr.:“Using Information and Communication Technology in Delivering Career Interventions”

Professor James P. Sampson Jr. (Florida State University) gave a presentation entitled “Using Information and Communication Technology in Delivering Career Interventions” on Wednesday 19 February 2014.

In this presentation Professor Sampson examined current ICT in the delivery of career interventions. Topics presented in the Webinar included the benefits and limitations in using ICT in delivering career interventions, the role of the practitioner and the role of ICT, the influence of practitioners’ scope of practice, career guidance systems, career assessment, career information, distance career counseling, social media, mobile technology, applications (apps) and games, virtual career centers, integrated ICT-based career resources and services, and ethical issues and professional standards.

The webinar was organised by the National Centre for Lifelong Guidance Expertise (eVOKES, http://www.evokes.fi/) at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, in co-operation with the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN (http://elgpn.eu), The Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development at the Florida State University (http://www.career.fsu.edu/techcenter) and the International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance, IAEVG (http://www.iaevg.org).