Webinar: Doctor Tristram Hooley, April 20:"The Evidence Base in Career Guidance"

Doctor Tristram Hooley (UK) gave a presentation entitled “The Evidence Base in Career Guidance” on April 30, 2014.

Dr Hooley described current work being undertaken by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network to support policy makers to a greater level of understanding of the evidence base in lifelong guidance. He briefly outlined the process undertaken by the ELGPN, highlight key findings and set out a series of key evidence based principles that should inform lifelong guidance policy and practice. He concluded by summarizing what the evidence for impact is, what the lessons from the evidence are for policy, system and service design, and highlight areas in which the evidence base needs further development.

The first global webinar was jointly organized by IAEVG in co-operation with the ELGPN and ICCDPP.

Here is a link to download Tristram Hooley's PowerPoint:

Here is the link to the ELGPN Evidence Guide: