Summary of the ELGPN Work programme 2013-2014

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The Work Programme 2013-14 will focus on adaptation, implementation and sharing activities related to the Resource Kit. The key focus of the next phase should be making an impact, both at national and European levels. The impact will be achieved through promoting the adaptation, field testing, and application of the Resource Kit at member-country level through Policy Review Clusters (PRCs).

Policy Review Clusters' priorities

  • PRC1: All priorities
  • PRC2: CMS
  • PRC3 + 4: Access and Co-ordination/Co-operation
  • PRC5: Quality assurance/Evidence-base for policy and systems development

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Thematic Task Groups (TTGs)

In addition, four four output-oriented Thematic Task Groups (TTGs) will be set up:

  • TTG 1: will collect existing evidence on the impact of career development services in all sectors and provide a guide to the possible elements of accountability frameworks, in collaboration with ICCDPP and other relevant research networks and think-tanks outside Europe.
  • TTG 2: will explore possible co-operation with OECD on the PISA and PIAAC surveys.
  • TTG 3: will examine the possibility of developing a European Framework for Lifelong Guidance Policies and Systems Development incorporating possible indicators, to include developing the technical basis for such a framework, and an appropriate ELGPN process using the ‘open method of co-ordination’ (OMC) model.
  • TTG 4: will continue the production of ELGPN Policy Briefings on relevant EU policy developments from an LLG perspective to support further national and European consultations.

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ELGPN Joint Plenary and Policy Review Meetings

  • 27-28 February 2013, Dublin, Ireland, Joint 12th ELGPN Plenary and 1st Policy Review Meeting
  • 6-7 June 2013, Estonia, 2nd Policy Review Meeting
  • Autumn 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, Joint 13th ELGPN Plenary and 3rd Policy Review Meeting
  • Spring 2014, Athens, Greece, Joint 14th ELGPN Plenary and 4th Policy Review Meeting
  • June 2014, Croatia, 5th Policy Review Meeting
  • Autumn 2014, Italy, Joint 15th ELGPN Plenary and 6th Policy Review Meeting and 5th European Lifelong Guidance Policy Conference