ELGPN database of LLG related initiatives and practices

This database includes more detailed descriptions of those Lifelong Guidance policy related initiatives and practices from the ELGPN member countries which are introduced in the ELGPN 2012 Resource Kit for policy makers. The cases are selected and promoted by the national ELGPN representatives. The format for these examples is based on the European Commission’s Knowledge System for Lifelong Learning (KSLLL). Some examples include an additional narrative description for those who want more details of the implementation of the practice. The examples are categorised in accordance to the priorities of the EU Council 2008 Resolution on better integrating lifelong guidance into lifelong learning strategies and the OECD/EU 2004 handbook for guidance policy makers.

The Euroguidance database

This database supported by the Euroguidance Network includes descriptions of the guidance systems in the different Member States of the European Union, EEA and candidate countries.